IRDA Exam: Download IC 33 Book as per new syllabus for 50 hours in English, HIndi, Gujarati, Tamil Version(IC33)

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Created on 12 February 2012 Published Date

Appearing for IRDA 50 hours examination for Insurance Advisors. You can download the IC33 books as per the revised syllabus for different languages in India. - English, Hindii, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam


The Books has been prepared by The Chartered Insurance Institute, London. The books is available for free download in 6 languages.

The books has been thoroughly revised and the new book is more student friendly as all the topics has been explained with the help of examples.

You can download the books here:-

IRDA Exam IC 33 English Version

IRDA EXAM 1C 33 Hindi Version

IRDA EXAM IC 33 Gujarati Version

IRDA EXAM IC 33 Tamil Version

IRDA EXAM IC 33 Telugu version

IRDA EXAM IC 33 Malayalam Version


IRDA EXAM IC 33 Kannada Version



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