How to become an Insurance Surveyor

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Created on 23 October 2011 Published Date

Want to become a Licensed Insurance Surveyor. Read the article for the procedure of becoming a Insurance Surveyor.


Steps to become a Surveyor

1. Find a A or B category Insurance Surveyor(Practicing) in your City.

2. You will have to undergo training under the Surveyor for a period of 12 months.

3. Submit the  Form III to IRDA within a fortnight of enrollment with the Surveyor. ( Download Form III ) - For downloading the forms please click save as by clicking your right mouse button

4. Along with the Form III you will have to send Copies of all educational qualifications duly notarized/NOC from employer if you are currently employed/Self addressed envelop with Rs.25/- postage stamps

5. Obtain a Enrollment number from IRDA. Practical training for one year as mentioned in the regulations shall commence only after the confirmation of enrollment by the Authority. Hence, in case, you have not received your enrollment letter, you have to call IRDA and get your enrollment number, and effective date of enrollment so that quarterly reports can be sent to the Authority accordingly.

6.  The Surveyor must submit Quarterly Report to IRDA in prescribed format in respect of training of the candidate.

7. On completion of 1 year of practical training the candidate will have to appear for the examination conducted by Insurance Institute of India.

8. There are 8 subject in the course.

9. Fill up the enrollment form of Insurance Institute of India ( Download the form)

10. Procedure of examination of Insurance Institute of India ( Download file )

11. Appear for the exams conducted by Insurance Institute.

12. After passing the exam apply to IRDA to become a surveyor ( Download Form )


For more information you can visit


2. - IRDA

3. - Institute of Surveyor




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